• Founder Interview: Anthony Casalena of Squarespace

    In episode 39 of Kevin Rose’s Foundation, Anthony Casalena talks a little bit about the history around SquareSpace’s inception. For those of you who don’t know, SquareSpace is the easiest way to build a website, blog or ecommerce site. It’s like a WordPress theme on Steroids.   Anthony Casalena is the Founder and CEO of Squarespace, which he started from his dorm room in 2003. During the company’s early years, Anthony acted as the sole engineer, designer, and support representative […]

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Super New Videos

  • Interview with Kevin Systrom of Instagram

    Interview with Kevin Systrom of Instagram

    Here’s a killer interview with the Founder and CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom from 2012. Instagram at the time had around 15 million users and was just about to be acquired by Facebook for just under $1 Billion. Here are some of the fun facts I learned from the interview: While at Stanford undergrad, Kevin did a summer internship at Odeo, which pivoted and became Twitter. Almost dropped out of Stanford in ’05 to join Facebook. Joined Google and worked […]

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  • Interview with Chris Sacca

    Interview with Chris Sacca

    Truthfully, this is one of my favorite Foundation interviews. In this interview, Kevin Rose chats with Chris Sacca. Chris is currently the managing partner at LowerCase Capital where he was an early investor in Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter. A lawyer by trade, Chris was also head of special initiatives at Google prior to founding his VC. The Wall Street Journal cited Chris as “possibly the most influential businessman in America.” In 2011, Chris was the youngest member of the coveted […]

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  • Interview with Jack Dorsey of Square

    Interview with Jack Dorsey of Square

    In the very first episode of Kevin Rose’s Foundation, Kevin interviews Jack Dorsey, who at the time was running both payment processor Square and Twitter. Jack and Kevin chat about entrepreneurship, time-management, decision making and processes. Jack also talks a little bit about his background (which is really fascinating) and his dream of one day being the Mayor of New York.

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