Timerdoro is one simple timer app for all of your tasks.


CLOQ is an online timer, that makes time-boxing simple for people in remote teams. Use it for your Remote and Hybrid Pomodoros, team retrospectives or Design Sprints.

Web Highlighter

Turn any website into an instant forum, where you can: leave comments, see other people’s cursors / what text they’re highlighting, and chat with them. Use it to annotate code, highlight online tutorials / books, and discuss people’s blogs.

Launch Tab

A bookmark manager that opens up every time you open a new tab.

More of it

Moreofit is a website similarity search engine. Give moreofit a website you’re interested in, and it’ll suggest to you alternative highly related and popular websites to explore.

Similar Site Search

We use machine learning algorithms and social data to determine the topics of websites, which are used to find similar websites that have the closest matching set of topics. We also analyze multiple aspects of websites including popularity, language, and country of interests. We then combine them with user suggestions to compute the overall similarity scores.


Numbr is a currency calculator, a notepad that understands your calculation. You can use notes with numbers alongside each other. And all your numbers are instantly calculated as you type. It’s same as soulver/numi/etc, but for the Web.

Best Of PM

A massive GitHub collection of libraries about Project Management and articles

Koala Notes

Free, open source, and web based alternative to Bear (Note taking app for apple devices).